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Amino Acid Supplements: The Best Route to Muscle Growth

Amino acids usually available as a supplement in BCAA (Branched-chain amino acids) are a building block of protein. BCAAs are a group of three essential amino acids: leucine, isoleucine and valine; commonly used to stimulate muscle growth and enhance exercise performance.

FitFlex offers a diverse range of amino acid formula-based supplements that boost your body’s muscle building capacity and reduce fatigue after exercise. They are also said to help users with their weight loss goals. Whether your aim is to lose weight, boost energy, improve stamina and energy, enhance muscle growth, or focus better on the long-term life/health goals, optimizing your amino acid metabolism is a must. Our aim is to fulfil your body’s nutrient needs and push your limits that extra bit with our genuine amino acid supplements.

Amino Acid Formula: Your Favorite Workout Partner

Supplements with amino acid formula elevate your workouts to an unbelievable extent. FitFlex’s undivided focus is on providing you the best counterparts to your exercise routines. Amino acids give you that additional energy boost you need to reach the isometric goals, starting with immediate muscle recovery. Athletes usually maintain an amino acid chart for their daily activities, and those aspiring to prime physical fitness should do the same. FitFlex brings a wide range of supplements conveniently available online to you for easy delivery.

Order Genuine Amino Acids Supplements At Your Doorstep

At FitFlex, we choose to deal only with authentic vendors who deliver supplements to us from across the globe. Our 100% genuine amino acid supplements are easily available online and our inventory is regularly updated with customer requests where viable. You’ll find only the most popular amino acid formula brands at our registered online supplement store, namely: BPI, Muscle Meds, Optimum, Scivation, and My Protein. With a user-friendly website, you can easily find and purchase the best amino acid supplements, and get them delivered to your doorstep. We give a complete guarantee that what you see is what you’ll get. Each item’s expiration dates and manufacturing information can also be easily verified as our genuine products hold printed batch numbers.

How Amino Acid Metabolism Benefits Your Muscles?

Regular intake of Amino acid supplements fulfill any underlying gap of nutrients your body may have. It boosts your body—providing immediate energy, and replenishes muscles from fatigue if consumed especially for workouts. You can also use amino acid formula supplements as part of your pre-workout practice. FitFlex also ensures customer satisfaction by hearing your requests for particular brands and products and adding these to Pakistan’s Number one online supplement store. We know that using the best products helps train your body to perform longer and more intensely. And as your goal partners, we will do what it takes, to provide you what you need.

Why FitFlex is Best for Buying Amino Acid Supplements in Pakistan

FitFlex is a registered and renowned online supplement store with the most authentic amino acid supplements in Pakistan. We keep a close eye on emerging market trends and regularly update our supplement store with the most effective BCAA, Creatine, Glutamine, Beta-Alanine, and other essential amino acids. Our initial customers were bodybuilders to whom we provided consultancy services for their specific needs. Now that customer base has happily grown to include people from all walks of life, aiming to improve their physical health. It remains our pleasure to offer everyone the finest, authentic, imported products. You can also obtain our consultancy services and ask us for supplements according to your goals and body type. We would love helping you learn more about amino acid supplements. Follow us on social media pages to keep track of our latest product ranges and to offer your suggestions and feedback. FitFlex is the number one online supplement store for amino acid supplements in Pakistan. We also provide product delivery till your doorstep to Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, many other major cities. For any questions or to offer suggestions of amino acid supplements products you would like in Pakistan, reach out to us via email or contact number. Your feedback is important to us.
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THE PURPOSE: The natural form of the amino acid citrulline …

Rule 1 BCAAs

 3,850.00 5,400.00

Rule 1 BCAAs

 3,850.00 5,400.00

THE PURPOSE: The natural form of the amino acid citrulline …





100% Beef Aminos™ is a natural, high-potency supplement made from the highest-quality cow protein isolate and pure dehydrated Argentine beef liver. This outstanding nutritional supplement offers a complete range of essential amino acids (EAAs & BCAAs). This supplement taps into beef’s actual anabolic potential and is perfect for anybody seeking to gain lean muscle..






BPI Best BCAA Price in Pakistan

BPI Sports Best BCAA – BCAA Powder – Branched Chain Amino Acids – Muscle Recovery – Muscle Protein Synthesis – Lean Muscle – Improved Performance – Hydration – Fruit Punch – 30 Servings – 10.58 oz.


MuscleMeds Carnivor Beef Aminos


Musclemeds Carnivor Beef Aminos

MuscleMeds Ultra-Concentrated CARNIVOR 100% BEEF AMINOS use a patented processing technology to provide high concentrations of quality amino acids. Beef Aminos harness the anabolic qualities of beef in the ultra-concentrated and ultra-convenient form of a tablet without any of the fat, cholesterol or excess calories. 100% Pure Beef Aminos for sustained muscle building.

  • Pure Hydrolyzed Beef Protein Isolate
  • Desiccated Beef Liver & Albumin
  • Alpha-keto acids GKG, OKG, and KIC
  • Growth Factors IgG, IGF-1 & TGFB
  • Enhanced with Creatine and BCAAs

Optimum Nutrition Essential Amino Energy (270g)


Optimum Nutrition Essential Amino Energy (270g) Price in Pakistan

Mix up ESSENTIAL AMIN.O. ENERGY anytime you want a boost of energy, focus, and muscle recovery support. Each serving provides 100 mg of caffeine from natural sources to support energy and focus along with 5 grams of amino acids for muscle support.

Essential Amino Energy Features:

  • 100 mg of Caffeine per Serving from Coffee Bean and/or Tea Leaf
  • 5 Grams of Amino Acids per Serving for Muscle Recovery Support
  • 5 to 10 Calories Per Serving with Zero Sugar
  • Essential Amino Acid Delivery
  • Supports Energy, Focus & Muscle Support

Scivation Xtend BCAA The Original

 5,000.00 9,500.00
Scivation Xtend BCAA New Original 30 & 90  Servings
Intra-Workout Powder with 7g of BCAAs to Build Muscle and Aid Recovery During Workouts*

Formulated with Hydration-Inducing Electrolytes with Zero Sugar or Carbs*

HMB MyProtein


HMB MyProtein


MyProtein HMB (180 Tablets) 

  • Helps maintain energy levels throughout workout
  • Proven to improve strength and power
  • Metabolite of Leucine
  • Contributes to the growth and maintenance of lean muscle mass
  • 100% HMB

HMB (Beta-Hydroxy-Beta-Methylbutyrate), Bulking Agents (Calcium Carbonate, Carboxymethilcellulose Sodium), Glazing Agents (HydroxyPropylMethylCellulose), Anti Caking Agents (Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide)

Note: This Product is Out of Stock

MyProtein Creatine Monohydrate 250G

MyProtein Creatine Monohydrate 250g
Key Benefits
  • Ideal for power based sports
  • Can be easily mixed in water
  • Can help improve strength and power

Note: This Product is Out of Stock

MyProtein Beta Alanine 90 Tablets


MyProtein Beta Alanine 90 Tablets

MyProtein Beta Alanine Tablets 
  • May delay the onset of fatigue
  • Helps improve physical performance
  • Can increase exercise capacity

Packing : 90 Tablets

Note: This Product is Out of Stock

All Nutrition CLA Forte 90 Capsules


All Nutrition CLA Forte (90 Capsules) Price in Pakistan

Key Benefits

  • Linolic acid may help to maintain correct blood cholesterol level
  • Effective in bodyweight reduction
  • Shows a positive impact on the immune system
  • Shows a strong oxidative potential
  • Up to 90 days of supplementation

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