USN Supplements Omega-3 Fish Oil 1000MG Softgel 90 Capsules

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  • Supports Heart Health 
  • Supports Vascular Health
  • Supports Brain Health 
  • 1000mg Omega 3 Fish Oil Concentrate
  • 300mg EPA/DHA
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The Vibrance Series Omega 3 Fish Oil 1000mg by USN Supplements is a high-quality product that can help to improve your overall health. The omega 3 fish oil capsules contain omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential for maintaining a healthy heart and brain. Additionally, the omega-3s in this product can also help to reduce inflammation throughout the body, making it an ideal supplement for those who suffer from conditions like arthritis or asthma. Fitflex offers the best USN Omega 3 Fish Oil Capsule price in Pakistan!

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